Custom designed cases for precision tools, test equipment, gauges and instruments
in the electronics, optics, medical and tooling industries.

The AB Series
of Aluminum Bound Hardwood Cases

A complete selection of reusable containers with splash-proof seals.

The SCHRY-WAY AB Series of high-quality aluminum bound cases has been designed and manufactured to meet the demand for heavy-duty, reusable shipping containers which are strongly resistant to the effects of water, corrosion and dust. The cases are intended for use in a variety of industries as the best possible way to package and protect valuable precision instruments for both storage and shipping purposes.


There is an extensive selection of styles available. Sizes range in combinations of 12" to 95" in length, 9" to 47" in width and 9" to 48" in height. The minimum depth for the lid section is 3" and for the bottom section 5" or 6" depending on style selected. All dimensions are inside.

Cases are normally finished with clear polyurethane. Fire retardant and Federal Standard No. 595 colors in industrial enamels are also available.
cross-section image

There are seven styles from which to choose:

AB10 -
Hinged Lid, Catches and Lid Stays

AB1C -
Hinged Lid, Catches, Chest Handles and Lid Stays

AB1S -
Hinged Lid, Catch, Suitcase Type Handle and Lid Stays

AB1T -
Hinged Lid, Catch, Suitcase Type Handle on Top & Lid Stays

AB30 -
Lift Off Lid, Catches

AB3C -
Lift Off Lid, Catches, Chest Handles

AB3T -
Lift Off Lid, Catches, Suitcase Type Handle on Top

Note: Maximum width for hinged lids is 30". For wider cases use AB3... style (lift-off lid). To Order Specify: Style - Length x Width x Height - Depth of bottom section (i.e. AB1C - 30x24x18 - 15). For load weights over 150 pounds we recommend adding a double bottom and 4x4 Douglas Fir skids secured with 3/8 carriage bolts. Specify by adding SKID to part number. Example - AB1C - 30x24x18 - 15 - SKID.

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Quality Construction
AB cases are made of 1/2" maple plywood sides joined with extruded aluminum channel. The series features a neoprene splash seal in the parting line valance. Catches, hinges and chest handles are steel zinc plated or aluminum and recessed. These cases have been tested to meet ATA 100 time shipper specifications.

Low Prices
Efficient plant operation makes our prices low for the value received.
Call us for pricing, or click here to request a catalog.

Prompt Delivery
Delivery varies from order to order but is superior to industry in general.

Single Source Packaging
In addition to the AB series, we offer more than 1000 close-tolerance stock cases. We also produce custom cases and close-tolerance polyethylene and polyurethane foam inserts as a part of our full packaging design and engineering service.

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