Custom designed cases for precision tools, test equipment, gauges and instruments
in the electronics, optics, medical and tooling industries.

The MD Series Cases

A complete selection of reusable containers.

The SCHRY-WAY MD Series of cases is our medium duty series. It combines both traditional style and beauty with superb strength and protection. Made from Pacific Coast Maple and Birch, these cases are all lock joint construction with dovetailed sides and ends which provides maximum strength. The recommended 50 pound load limit makes these cases perfect for test equipment, tooling, instrumentation, aircraft parts, and other products that require extra protection.

We offer these cases in a large variety of standard sizes and hardware combinations to fit your individual needs. And if a custom size or style is required, we are capable of meeting that need too. We feel that these cases are priced to offer you an excellent value for your packaging dollar.


Standard sizes range in length from 6" to 36", 6" to 24" in width, and 3" to 12" in height. Custom sizes are also available.

A large variety of hardware combinations allows for maximum flexibility to meet your needs.

Quality Construction
All lock joint dovetailed construction provides maximum durability and protection. These cases are fine sanded and finished which highlights the warmth and beauty of the wood.

In most instances, these cases provide years of service in protection and display of your parts.

We manufacture these cases from the beginning. Our lead times vary depending on quantity and the amount of work we have in house. We make every effort to give as prompt delivery as possible.


Price List
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Sides and Ends 1/2" PC KD Maple
Top and Bottom 1/2" Birch or Maple Plywood

Sides and ends are dovetailed
Top and bottom tongue and groove into sides.

1.06" continuous nickel plated steel piano hinge.

Snap down type - nickel plated steel
Chest type - zince plated steel
Suitcase type - nickel hardware - polypropylene strap.

Clear gloss water-borne resin.
Resistant to water and most household chemicals.

MD Series case image

There are eight styles from which to choose:

Click to view an enlarged versionMD10 -
Hinged Lid, Catches and Lid Stays

Click to view an enlarged versionMD1C -
Hinged Lid, Catches, Chest Handles and Lid Stay

Click to view an enlarged versionMD1S -
Hinged Lid, Catch, Suitcase Type Handle and Lid Stay

Click to view an enlarged versionMD1T -
Hinged Lid, Catch, Suitcase Type Handle on Top & Lid Stay

MD3C -
Lift Off Lid, Catches,
Chest Type Handles

Click to view an enlarged version
MD3T -
Lift Off Lid, Catches, Suitcase Handles On Top

Click to view an enlarged versionMDZT -
Lift Off Lid, Catches, Suitcase Type Handle on Top

Click to view an enlarged version

Lift Off Lid, Catches, Chest Type Handle on Ends


Case part numbers are specified as follows: Style - Length x Width x Height (Example: MD10 - 9x6x4)

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